Connecting East and West

World Leader in Alternative Investments Advisory:
Uniquely Positioned to Enhance and Transform Fund Managers' Product
Offerings, while Providing Research and Advice
to Institutional Investors on Complicated Assets.

100+ Years of Combined Experience in Investment Management and Business Development

Held senior roles at bulge bracket investment banks, leading asset managers and hedge funds. Diverse backgrounds, with language expertise and real local knowledge.

What We Do

Business Consulting

Work with clients on product incubation, presentation and distribution.

Risk Management

Work with clients on the identification and evaluation of perils and minimize their impact.

Market Research

Work with clients on the latest industry developments and regulatory changes.

Idea Generation

Work with clients on creative thinking and long-term development.

Our Expert Advisor

Ted Wong M.D.
Managing Partner
Sanghoon Ji
Managing Director
Woeishin Liu
Managing Director
Managing Director

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