• Constellar Capital Partners is a consulting and third party placement firm specializing in
    alternative investments for institutional investors across pan-Asia, including Japan but
    excluding Australia and New Zealand
  • Seasoned sales team with over 100 years of combined experience in capital markets and
    alternative investments
  • Offices in New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo to provide local and deeper relationships with
    our institutional investors and our world class fund managers
  • Impressive track record of sourcing investments from a wide range of institutional investors
    across the whole pan-Asian region
  • Solid history of sourcing world class managers across multiple asset classes and strategies

For our GPs, Constellar Capital Provides:

  • Asset raising capabilities strengthened by an intelligent deployment of our industry
    knowledge and long standing relationships with allocators in the region
  • Providing valuable intelligence regarding the alternative investment trends with Asian
    institutional investors
  • A local sales force with native language skills in Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, and
    Cantonese and cultural understanding of the diverse and opaque region of Pan-Asia
  • Help diversify investor base with exposure to Asian institutional investors including
    sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, asset managers, family offices, pensions and endowments

For our LPs, Constellar Capital focuses on:

  • Identifying industry trends among alternative investments and institutional
    investors, along with providing insight into which strategies look the most
    attractive given current market dynamics
  • Helping Asian institutional investors identify world class managers across
    multiple strategies and asset classes
  • Bringing the Founder and/or CIO of these alternative investment firms to Asia
    at least once or twice per year
  • Providing information that enhances the investment and operational due
    diligence processes